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Tagumi Transport

Tagumi Investments offers haulage and logistics transport services through it's entity Tagumi Transport Division. This division was the first of the 3 entities to be born in 2011. It all started with 4 tonne Hyundai truck

Fleet available for hire are in the following categories:
» 15 Tonne Mercedes Benz boxed Trucks x 2
» 5 tonne boxed truck x 1

A recent addition to the fleet is a 15 tonne Mercedes Benz Truck to better service our growing clientèle and routes. We now have cross border permits to operate in countries such as South Africa, Swaziland, Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Namibia and Tanzania.

Get In Touch

Drop us an email, or contact Rachel on +263 772 499 436, if you need any of the following:

»  Move you goods from Point A to B
»  Move goods with guaranteed peace of mind
»  Move goods with guarantee that they will be On Time!
»  Move your good with guarantee that on arrival they will be Intact!

We are in the business of

Providing excellent service through reliable vehicles, professional staff and sound leadership - On Time! Intact!

Our Operations Footprint