Tagumi Estates

Tagumi's fresh produce
is the next project and is fresh and up coming growing bananas, pineapples, avocados, litchies and more in Honde Valley, east of Zimbabwe

Tagumi Transport

Tagumi Transport Division
is one of the key business and the first that Tagumi Investment embarked on. It all began in 2011.

Tagumi Community

To keep inline with our vision, Tagumi Community aims to make some real profound impact to our communities by giving back.

We buy and deliver groceries,furniture,building materials, machinery and more from Durban South Africa to Zimbabwe, Harare, Maruta.

Tagumi Estates continues to grow from strength to strength.

Sector 1 - First harvest.

Tagumi Estates' Sector 1 is almost ready for harvesting, our maiden harvest. Sector 2 continues to be growing and expecting harvest around mid year to later part of the year.

This is exciting times as we also continue to supply quality banana product areas such as Gweru and Bulawayo. Yes, Pane zviri kuitika!

Tagumi Investments has a new addition to the TI Transport family.

Truck 3 - 15 tonne Mercedes Benz truck.

Tagumi Investments recently acquired a another 15 tonne Mercedes Benz Truck to better service our growing clientèle and routes. We are so excited with this development as it is testament to how Tagumi Transport continues to manage it's entire operation efficiently, reliably and professionally.

We are happy to also announce our new routes as we expand our foot-print. Recently have crossed the border in to Mozambique, Zambia, South Africa and Swaziland. We how have a cross border permit which include countries like Malawi, Botswana, Namibia and Tanzania as well. On Time! Intact!

Tagumi Investments props up Marlborough High School Rugby.

Marlborough High School, Zimbabwe Logo

The recent donation of the rugby jerseys to Marlborough High School has truly brought some confidence to the "Zebras". Community involvement and uplifting is one of Tagumi Investments' core strategy to help re-build the community and country and large. You can follow their progress on their well updated facebook page

Fresh Produce

Bananas is one of our biggest fresh produce!

Community Engagements

Making profound impact in our communities through giving back and championing development projects.

Transport Logistics

Providing excellent service through reliable vehicles, professional staff and sound leadership - On Time! Intact!